Impega : The Answer to your email…

Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to write to me and give constructive feedback. I work everyday to make this website work for everyone, this involves updating hundreds of links, images, text and many other contents. As the website grows, more content is added. It is crucial for a webmaster to have an easy layout to work with & working for the visitors too. Links will be temporarely down because I’ve just bought a very new server. With this new server people will be able to download with no limit, and of course changing server implies changing ALL the links to every single file (image, mp3, simple link etc.) : it takes a lot of time (& a hell a lot of money) to keep alive & working.

I believe in change, this is why people come back, it’s proved by the increasing statistics I’ve been receiving. Also, I hate seeing the same thing everyday, this is why I change my layout more frequently than other fansites.

Sorry if the design does not appeal to you, I still thank you for your criticism and hope to see you soon.




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