DONATION DRIVE : if you feel generous…

Hi all,

Providing the best bootlegs, the best video footage, fresh & daily news to the world has been a success and still is. It’s been great to serve the first Glastonbury bootleg to the masses back in 2005 ! has been trying to do so for the past four years now and is eager to continue in such way, but with the growing number of connections and visitors to the website, our servers are getting a little tired and need an upgrade… The only problem we have now is finding the dough to make such a thing happen. Servers come at an expensive cost (especially high bandwith servers that a website such as would need). I, alone, can’t afford any of these servers.

This is why I’m hoping to get your attention to a donation drive. So far we’ve managed to raise 70 € (the equivalent of $93 USD) thanks to Pierre & Nael, Gregory & Christopher visitors & fans of the delightful duo that are Jack & Meg White. I thank them very much !

You might not be interested in donating to a website about a rock band, you have the right to just ignore this… no worries. But if you feel generous you know what to do next :

Please click on the link below, click the « Faire un don » button then you’ll be redirected to a secured paypal page where you can donate whatever amount and send this directly to the Red Piggy Bank.

Cheers all for your time, hope I didn’t waste your time!



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